Monday, May 23-24, 2011- President and founder of Repêchage and world renowned skin-care expert Lydia Sarfati made a visit to the Repêchage United Kingdom headquarters in Manchester recently. Sarfati hosted an exclusive event for spa professionals showcasing the seaweed-based Repêchage products and also the new Africa-inspired spa aromatherapy line, Kanshi.

“The event was an incredibly exciting. Our clients were extremely motivated by Lydia and several of them have gone back home to revise their whole business plan!” exclaimed Val Cooper, managing director of Repêchage Europe Limited.

Throughout the event, Sarfati touched on the benefits of seaweed and seawater therapy, the golden standards of esthetics, spa business and the art of retail, and the new products and spa rituals. “It’s not enough to have the tools, you have to know how to use them” said Sarfati of her education tactics.

Salon and spa owners in the area who attended the event were elated with the wealth of knowledge Sarfati provided. “Lydia is a true inspiration and I feel it a privilege to have met her,” beamed Alison Hampson of Aquarius Health & Beauty. Some of the lucky students, such as Hampson, even had the pleasure of a treatment from the guru herself.

The Repêchage UK headquarters opened in 1995 and Repêchage products are available in 30 countries worldwide.

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