To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Expert Advice,” in the June 2013 issue. Article summary: Bruno Chikly, M.D., D.O., answers the question, “How can I address clients’ inflammation in my massage practice?”

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy in Action, MASSAGE MagazineWe use a demonstration in our Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Level 3 course in which students self-apply drainage techniques on areas of gum inflammation in their mouths. We use the region of the gums because it is easily palpable; also, you can feel a little pain right away when you press on these inflamed areas.

1. Students use strokes that are very specific in rhythm, direction and depth.

2. Following just a few strokes, gum sensitivity and swelling greatly diminish and often disappear completely underneath their fingers.

3. Areas of lymph and interstitial fluid inflammation in other parts of the body can be resolved in the same way, thereby helping to eliminate swelling and chronic pain.

Why is the response so fast and efficient? It is because the lymphatic system is the place to look to release inflammation in the tissue. What’s more, lymphatic drainage therapy is an innovative technique that enables practitioners to detect and palpate the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow anywhere in the body.

That is why the same results achieved in the gum demonstration can be replicated in similar ways throughout the body when applied to inflamed joints, postsurgical inflammation, sports-related inflammation and other inflammatory conditions.

The award-winning research of Bruno Chikly, M.D., D.O., led to important innovations in the development of lymphatic drainage therapy. He is the founder of the Chikly Health Institute (, which offers lymphatic drainage therapy and brain workshops worldwide.