How To Make Your Own Massage Lotions and Oils
by Harvest McCampbell

“Over the years I began making my own massage lotions and oils, and I gradually developed formulas that I found particularly useful.” – Harvest McCampbell

Now I’d like to share my basic techniques with you, so you can begin to make your own formulas. Plan a few fun afternoons to try out some of these recipes, either on your own or with friends or colleagues (you can double or triple the quantities, and divide the costs for the ingredients and supplies). Once you have mastered the basics, you can begin experimenting with base oils, herbs and essential oils until you come up with your own favorites.

Once you’ve created your own blends, you can let clients choose one with their favorite scent. Personalizing a session with a specialty blended oil or lotion makes your clients feel special, and gives them one more reason to return.

Choose from:

  • Glycerin Herbal Extract
  • Pain-Stopping Spot Ointment
  • Spicy Soothing Massage Oil