Keeping Runners On Track
March/April 2001
Issue 90    
For Runners on the Fast Track, Massage Aids Performance, Recovery
by Jennifer Warren

Sports massage eliminates runners’ aches and pains, and helps keep these athletes healthy while training and competing. Come along with the author, a runner herself, and meet five sports-massage therapists who understand the unique needs of serious runners.   Read an Abstract

Practice Building
6 Keys to Effective Communication

by Arlene Alpert

Read an Abstract

Body Language
by Thomas Myers

This column explores the alphabet in somatic terms. In this issue, the letter E: its origin, Emilie Conrad’s Continuum Movement, and exhalation.   Read an Abstract

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Description, Assessment and Techniques to Bring Relief
by Whitney Lowe

Massage helps relieve nerve-compression problems like thoracic outlet syndrome. Here, learn about the involved anatomy, soft tissues and pathologies to help determine a hands-on approach to this syndrome.   Read an Abstract

E X P E R T   A D V I C E: How to get started in aromatherapy R E S E A R C H: Massage Offers Respite for Primary Caregivers

Reader Expression: How often do you receive bodywork? What type(s) do you receive and why?
Table Talk:
In Tune With Massage
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