May/June 2001 Issue
Issue 91
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Issue 91 CoverOn The Cover: Massage Eases the Journey Through Menopause
by Moryt Milo

Women worldwide are turning to natural, healthy solutions for the physical changes and discomfort that accompany menopause. Massage relieves anxiety, irritability and fatigue; lessens the pain of headaches, cramps and tension; and helps women reconnect to their bodies and honor the profound changes they experience during this phase of their lives.    Read an Abstract

Body and SpaBody & Spa: Building A Better Spa
by Melinda Minton

The spa frontier is huge – and as it continues to grow, more job opportunities are created for massage therapists. In this new column, join the author on a journey to spas around the world, to learn about the various types of spa facilities, the hands-on techniques used in them, and the working conditions they offer.   Read the Full Article

Body Language: (E) Exploring the Alphabet in Somatic TermsBody Language
by Thomas Myers

This column explores the alphabet in somatic terms. In this issue, a continuation of the letter E, with a look at the complete exhalation.   Read an Abstract

Scar-Tissue MassageScar-Tissue Massage
by Chuck LaFrano

When nerves and muscles are bound up by scar-tissue fibers, range of motion and full use of the affected body areas are impeded. Scar-tissue massage can restore those areas to full function by reducing adhesions in the scar-tissue matrix. Here, learn the hands-on technique for restoring freedom of tissue movement.   Read an Abstract

Restore and Rejuvenate with Chi Nei TsangRestore and Rejuvenate with Chi Nei Tsang
by Gilles Marin

Take care of yourself by cultivating your inner chi! The easy-to-learn active meditations and self-massage described here are great ways for massage therapists to become centered while boosting personal energy.   Read an Abstract

E X P E R T   A D V I C E: How to Uses Bolsters

R E S E A R C H: Massage Relieves Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome

Reader Expression: How do you stay centered, and keep from picking up clients’ energy?
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