Scar-Tissue MassageScar-Tissue Massage

Impaired range of motion, circulation problems, nerve impediment and the pain associated with scar-tissue formation are examined in this article. He states “research supports the use of scar-tissue massage in resolving these functional problems.” LaFrano explains the process of scar-tissue formation, the composition of scar tissue, when to begin applying massage for best results, and techniques on how to loosen and reduce scar tissue. Scar tissues’ effects on muscles are described by LaFrano. He writes, “Scar tissue can bind up many layers of muscle and connective tissue, causing varying degrees of limited movement and pain.” LaFrano discusses the results achieved by performing scar-tissue massage by including two case histories in his article. In an additional section on technique, LaFrano stresses the importance of having “sensitivity for the feel of the scar tissue and its age,” and the necessity to adjust “to the client’s comfort level,” respecting the pain response of the client.