Aromatherapy: It Makes Scents!Aromatherapy: It Makes Scents!

“Smell and touch are noted to be our most primitive senses. They are powerful healers when used together with pur integrity.” – Michelangelo

How aromatherapy works
Aromatherapy works on both physical and nonphysical levels. Aromas send specific signals to the brain through the nose, and to the body through the nose and the skin. The chemical constituents of each essential oil account for its ability to calm or stimulate the skin when applied to the body.

Additionally, the aroma of the oil triggers an emotional reaction that is often referred to as the “nose-brain connection.” Scientists have discovered that olfactory nerves pick up odor molecules as they travel up the nasal passageway. These nerves connect directly into the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the limbic system in the brain. When we smell something, it can register in the brain as a thought, or memory, which creates a feeling or an emotion. Thus, our emotional states can be shifted by smells. Such an emotional shift causes the brain to release, depending on the emotion, calming or stress-inducing neuropeptides that travel through our bodies.

This is why adding aromatherapy to your massage practice can be a powerful healing tool. Through touch, you are helping to release those feelings and tensions from the tissue.

The integration of aromatherapy enhances any massage session. Clients report that the effects of their massages go deeper and last longer when performed with aromatherapy blends.

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