Aromatherapy: It Makes Scents!6 Ways Aromatherapy Can
Help Your Business

1. Using essential oils in bodywork has physical and emotional benefits. Clients will now have two reasons to return: your good work and the soothing aroma they will relate to the healing experience.

2. Aromatherapy helps create an oasis that welcomes and soothes your clients, encouraging their return. An aromatherapy diffuser in the waiting room and a mister in the bathroom contribute to this effect.

3. You can send clients home with a one-ounce jar of the blend used during their massage, for self-care in between their massage sessions. Educate clients on self-care with aromatherapy with instruction sheets for using the blends for self-massage and baths.

4. Send clients home with a cotton patch or cotton ball with their favorite aroma on it. Clients have reported that this contributes to a sense of well-being up to two days after their session. As they continue to feel good, they will connect that feeling to the healing session you provided.

5. You can sell the mists and the bottles of blends that you use in your sessions, to provide clients with an additional self-care tool – and to boost your income.

6. Market your business by giving mists and blends as promotional, birthday and special-occasion gifts to your clients, with your label on the bottle or jar.