Aromatherapy: It Makes Scents!September/October 2001
Issue 93

Aromatherapy: It Makes Scents!Aromatherapy: It Makes Scents!
by Candace Welsh

Part ancient healing art, part contemporary technique, aromatherapy can enhance massage sessions on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Learn how adding aromatherapy to your sessions can improve client outcomes and boost your income – and why one massage therapist says, "Integrating aromatherapy into my practice has completely rejuvenated my massage work and restored my enthusiasm."   Read the Full Article

Breast Cancer: How Massage Aids RecoveryBreast Cancer: How Massage Aids Recovery
by Yvonne Meziere

As breast cancer continues to be diagnosed at an alarming rate, it becomes more common for massage therapists to encounter clients who have, or who have survived, breast cancer. Massage can help. Research shows that massage therapy decreases the pain, anxiety, depression and anger that can be part and parcel of dealing with cancer. This article provides information on breast-cancer diagnosis, medical treatments and the effects of cancer on the body; contraindications, technique and the legality of breast massage.   Read an Abstract

Manual Lymph Drainage Helps Those with LymphedemaLike a Summer Wind: Manual Lymph Drainage Helps Those with Lymphedema
by Charlotte Michael Versagi

It is estimated that 400,000 people in the U.S. suffer from lymphedema. This condition is often associated with the medical treatment for breast cancer; it can also occur as a result of tissue trauma, infection, general surgery, radiation or congenital malformation of the lymph system. This article journeys through a review of the body’s lymph system and the history of Manual Lymph Drainage/Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy, and provides information on the training needed to work as an MLD therapist.   Read an Abstract

E X P E R T   A D V I C E
How to deal with a client who has developed an inappropriate attachment to you.

Chronic Low Back Pain Eased by Massage

Massage Improves Preschoolers’ Cognitive Performance

A woman receiving a hot stone massageBody & Spa:
The Spa-Massage Connection

by Melinda Minton

Whether you work at a spa or for yourself, it behooves you as a massage therapist to stay on top of spa-massage trends. For those of you in spas, read on to learn about add-ons to massage that can make bodywork sessions super-special. You self-employed therapists will find information here about adding spa services to your massage sessions.     Read the Full Article

The letter FBody Language
by Thomas Myers

This column explores the alphabet in somatic terms. In this issue, a continuation of the letter F: It’s origin, Moshe Feldenkrais, and the Functional Integration approach to posture.   Read an Abstract

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