R E A D E R  E X P R E S S I O N S

We Asked: What is the most rewarding thing about being a massage therapist?

Here is what you told us…

There’s no greater satisfaction than working in a profession where I can contribute to the health and welfare of others. My work provides a unique privilege, in that I can go home feeling I’ve made an important difference in the lives of my clients, through pain relief, comfort and healing.
Lori Gibson
Laguna Niguel, California

The work environment is most rewarding. We can work in wonderful settings under soft lighting, with aromatherapy, fountains, candles and beautiful music. When you give healing touch, you benefit from human touch. While we massage our clients we are centered and put aside our stresses.
Brenda Bush
Simi Valley, California

It would have to be getting paid to make people happy. I really enjoy that I used to be in sales, and it was very stressful, and this is a job where I find people are always smiling. I get a lot of repeat clientele, and they’re all happy.
Sharon Switzer
Crownsville, Maryland

Learning what it means to be successful as a person, as a respected man in my community, having overcome a multitude of challenges that have many times made me question my presence in the field of massage, or maybe lost my direction. After taking a one-year sabbatical from work, which involved selling my practice, I regained my vision during a time when my life appeared to hit rock bottom. Attaining Florida State Licensure in 1999, I discovered who I had become through so much adversity, regrouped, and launched a second practice last August. Clients from years before found me again, wondered what happened in my absence, and came back and brought many others with them. My success in life itself shows in their faces when they come through the door. I could not have become the individual I am without my steadfast determination to remain in the work that I love. That is my reward.
David John Garrett
Canterbury, Connecticut

The ability to facilitate the healing potential in our clients. I think that makes [being a massage therapist] extremely rewarding. The biggest thing is tapping into that potential. Whether it be for chronic pain or stress, giving people the power to heal themselves is very rewarding.
James Waslaski
Hurst, Texas

The most rewarding thing is investigating the whole history of an issue with someone and getting a release, giving that person more space in their body. The relief they get from my knowledge and the happiness it brings to them when they’re comfortable in their body.
Elizabeth Leaneagh
Denver, Colorado

Nothing is more rewarding than helping people. For me, this hasn’t changed in 30 years. Every time a client comes here and leaves feeling better, or moving better. I wish I had a dollar for every time I have been told by a client, "I wish I had come in sooner. I didn’t know it would help so much."
arcus-Patrick Power Padilla
Castro Valley, California