R E A D E R  E X P R E S S I O N S

We Asked: Who needs massage the most, and why?

Here is what you told us…

Massage practitioners themselves need massage the most. Massage therapists are givers, and as such many of us have a tendency to overdo the giving while neglecting our own receiving. To remain balanced is to be able to give and receive. The physical nature of our work and the repetitive movement speaks to the need to take care of our bodies by practicing preventive maintenance of our own bodies. I am sold on massage, and it is a part of my regular, ongoing health care.
Yvonne Meziere
Orting, Washington

Right now I think everybody needs massage because of what’s going on with the country. They need to de-stress. There are no exceptions at this point as to who needs massage and who doesn’t.
Shelley Bennett
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Massage therapists. We work hard to release the stress of others and need massage to keep us doing what we do best: massage.
Jesse Moreno
Bakersfield, California

The college-age person, because there’s so much transition in their lives. They’re in a pressure cooker all the time, particularly the athletes. In the 18 years I’ve really given to the field, I would have to put them in the forefront. Being touched and being listened to and being supported, you’re making adults who will take that into their lives and into their families. I would encourage any therapist who wants a willing and receptive group to volunteer yourself on a college campus.
Marna McKinney
Nashville, Tennessee

I worked in a hospital as a respiratory therapist from 1980 to 1996, before becoming a massage therapist. Hospital staff – nurses, technicians, physicians, and all other staff – needs massage therapy because of the amount of work and staff shortages.
Javier Castellanos
Miami, Florida

Everyone can benefit from regular massage, from construction workers and dancers and sports professionals all the way to office execs and teachers and secretaries. I think the people who need massage the most are those of us who tend to get it the least—we, the bodywork professionals. We get so busy taking care of our clients that we forget that we need to be worked on just as much, if not more than, those who come to us for relief. If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we benefit those who trust us to take care of them?
Bruce Linser
New York, New York