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Rolfing scores a touchdown
Minnesota Vikings football players are choosing Rolfing® bodywork for improved performance, and injury prevention and recovery.

Viking player Chris Walsh and former Viking John Rolfing scores a touchdownBurroughs are among the athletes who are devoted to this system of bodywork, which involves manipulating the body’s myofascial system with the goal of positively altering the client’s posture and structure.

"Rolfing frees the body up to work the way it is designed to," said John Burroughs, former defensive end for the Vikings. "When your body is running efficiently you can call on more strength, speed and power. Rolfing has improved my performance because I am able to run more pain- and injury-free."

Walsh, a wide receiver, said, "I had my best year last year and Rolfing definitely made a difference. I saw my Rolfer more than ever and my performance improved. I think there is a direct correlation there.

"I have gained some great benefits with Rolfing, massage and chiropractic for chronic problems that nothing else could solve, like low-back pain and a muscle strain in my left calf," Walsh continued. "Rolfing realigned my foot, ankle and knee and reduced the strain on my calf. It has helped my calf immensely because the problem was structural, not muscle [sic]. I have found there is no substitute for it. Rolfing is very unique in what it does and it [has] been fabulous for me in my profession."

The Viking players’ Rolfer, Wayne Henningsgaar, said, "Athletes ask their bodies for maximum performance. Their daily chosen activity repeatedly stresses and exercises the body. Rolfing creates new movement options for everyone, and athletes notice these changes more than the average person. The professional athlete gains speed, fluidity and flexibility in his body, along with a decrease in injuries he or she may suffer."

Walsh adds, "The best thing you can do to prevent injuries is to take care of your body. If you get to the muscle groups before they get tight or get to the structural areas that need to be realigned, you can help prevent injuries. Rolfing has become a natural part of my injury prevention. Whether I feel good or don’t feel good, I’m hurting or not hurting, I go to my Rolfer regardless because I know the benefits."
Sue Seecof

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