R E A D E R  E X P R E S S I O N S

We Asked: What calls you to massage?

Here is what you told us…

An incredibly strong belief in the basic need for human touch. From my personal and professional perspective as a family-practice nurse, I came to realize through the years, how unknowingly and so very easily we could slip away from people, away from touch, only to offer high tech and medication. Now I realize that so very often the need was oh so simple: Compassionate touch, perhaps the best medication we can offer.
Jeanine Trethewey
State College, Pennsylvania

The desire to work with my hands. In college I majored in psychology, but found that I also needed to major in sculpture. I love working with my hands, and people seem to enjoy the work I do. I now see around nine clients a day, five days a week, and burnout is not even in the future. When I was 20 years old I "retired" to do what I love, which is massage. Now I’m 32 and still not near finished.
S. Ring
New Brunswick, New Jersey

My massage career ended with a work injury. Recently, I decided to get my career back on track. I set an appointment for a massage and signed up for a seminar. It took about 30 seconds into my massage before my muscle memory jarred. I went into that deep relaxation response that massage evokes. The pain in my muscles melted. I knew at that moment exactly why massage was my chosen profession: I had forgotten the wonderful, tactile healing power of massage. Like music, it adds a whole new dimension to life, both emotionally and physically. It transforms.
Trish Williams
Boulder, Colorado

My sensitivity towards people, and the desire to help those in pain, whether spiritual, emotional or physical. I am also drawn to educate the public on how massage is expanding and how it can be of benefit as part of a self-care approach that encourages the client to take responsibility for their health.
Suzanne Hart
Tauranga, New Zealand

I enjoy helping people, and massage does a lot for people who have injuries or pain. It helps people relax who are living stressful days. It’s rewarding when someone tells you, "I’m feeling much better."
Jennifer Klemenhagen
La Crescent, Minnesota

The desire to do my part to make my corner of the world more peaceful and secure. When I touch a person with the intent of love, healing and compassion, I am never just touching that person. When that person leaves my office they are going out into the world. They will encounter bank tellers, waitresses, taxi drivers, their family. If they leave my office feeling fulfilled, feeling complete and as though they have something to offer, they are going to give a piece of that to another. I am called to massage to play my part in the ripple effect.
Erica Staab
Asheville, North Carolina