Large picture of anatomy trains
thomas myers holding a ropeThomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains
by Thomas Myers

Anatomy Trains are a revision of muscolo-skeletal anatomy that shows how the muscles are linked via the fascia into longitudinal myofascial meridians. In this exclusive book excerpt, author Thomas Myers explains his groundbreaking Anatomy Trains theory, and describes the significance of this work to practicing bodyworkers.

picture of cat and dog togetherCreature Comfort: Exploring the Benefits of Pet Massage
by Patricia Barraza Vos

Mexico’s traditional healing system of curanderismo is founded on compassin, spirituality and a connection to nature. Today’s curanderas massage for animals-just like for humans-provides relaxation, stress reduction and performance enhancement. If you love animals and are interested in developing a unique clientele, animal massage might be your career path.

Picture of Lakshmi hindu goddess of wealthPractice Building
The Energy of Money:
Get into the Flow!

by Andrea Adler

The Body Politic
California inches closer to regulation
New association pushes bodywork freedom
Change proposed for New York
Freedom bill introduced in Florida

graphic of a heart that incorporates handsA Call of the Heart: The Challenges and Rewards of Working with Dying Clients.
by Irene Smith

Massage for the seriously and terminally ill is a rapidly growing specialty. As more people reach beyond conventional medicine for palliative care, massage practitioners are called to the bedside.

Research Reports

Massage Therapy Benefits Aggressive Adolescents

Touch Therapies Reduce Complications, Increase Comfort after Bone Marrow Transplant

Massage Decreases Lumbar Fatigue

SpaTalk picture, woman in sunny fieldThe Great Chain of Being Part Two: The World of the Individual
by Deborah Allen, Scott Bader, Dan Buffo, and Timothy Marshall

How Integrating Human Development Issues into your Massage Practice can deepen the Healing Relationship.

Whenever a client and therapist meet in the session room, each will be operating from one of three developmental stages. In this second of three articles, we look at the middle stage of The Great Chain of Being: the egoic, or personal, world.

Top Management Opportunities at Spas
by Diane Trieste

The advantages and challenges of working for a spa or wellness center. What education you will need to work at a spa and the types of therapies employed at spas. Career possibilities that await massage therapists in the spa field. Learn spa structures, things to consider as a manager.

SpaMassage News

More teens turn to spas to de-stress
Encyclopedic spa knowledge
Canyon Ranch goes to sea

Body and Spa
A Gift from India: Marma-Point Massage
by Catherine Guthrie

Although marma-point massage has been utilized for thousands of years, it’s just recently been introduced to the Western world. Now, spas worldwide are offering marma-point massage. With training, this therapy can be added to a spa’s menu, or offered as a spa-type therapy by a massage therapist in private practice.  

Be Well: Therapist Self-Care
When sugar has its hooks in you
Hand Care
Your Turn
Eat fish to feel good now, and later
Pick a card, any card
Aroma Corner
Therapy for the therapist
Stretch for health

Pages From History
Massage in Nursing
by Robert Noah Calvert

Reader Expression: Are you satisfied with the massage education you received? Why, or why not? How could it have been better?
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Innovations In Review
Research Matters: A discussion of a study designed to test the effectiveness of massage form treating chronic tension headaches. Guest Editorial: Dan Schmidt