Magister Corporation Launches E-Commerce Site to Promote Wellness Products, MASSAGE Magazine

Chattanooga, TN. Magister Corporation, a leading manufacturer and supplier of rehabilitation and wellness products, has launched an e-commerce site to make it easier for consumers to buy seven key products in the Magister line.

The products offered on the new e-commerce site are diverse in use and purpose. For example, the Acuforce® Soft Tissue Therapy Tools are ideal for massage, trigger point therapy and reflexology, while the Provale™ Cup is designed to help people with dysphagia swallow small amounts of liquids. Also available on the site is the Pivotal Therapy System for reposturing of the spine, the Eggsercizer® Hand Exerciser, Flexi-Bar® Vibration Therapy products, Cambion® “GEL” Insoles & Heel Cushions, and Neck-Pro® Home Cervical Traction.

The e-commerce site includes detailed information about each product including the conditions where the product would be appropriate to use as well as all available colors and sizes.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer so many of our products on this new site,” commented Magister President David Maley. “Products that are geared more towards the consumer can now be purchased directly by the consumer, and everybody wins in that scenario.”

To learn more about Magister’s full line of products, visit or visit the new e-store at