Consider how special you might feel if each time you went to your favorite restaurant, the chef was enthusiastic about preparing the dish he knew you would like best. Along these same lines, imagine what how valued you might feel if you began working with a personal trainer or physical therapist who took the time to really tailor each session to your individual wants, needs and goals.

When professionals forgo the convenience of the cookie-cutter approach in favor of a more customized manner of providing their goods or services, it tends to make the customer or client feel quite pleased—so pleased, in fact, that these clients and customers are more likely to keep coming back for repeat business and also recommend these favored professionals to friends, family members and colleagues.

Obviously, it is not a stretch to say that this same business-savvy philosophy can be applied to professional massage therapists and bodyworkers. By finding ways to cater to your clients and customize your services to best meet their individual needs, you can help boost your own business. One of the best ways to do this without breaking the bank or expending a whole lot of extra energy is simply to expand the number of massage creams you keep on hand.

By having multiple high-quality massage creams right there in your session room cabinet, you will be prepared to customize your clients’ sessions by choosing different massage creams for each client’s needs and preferences. The key to making your massage creams work in this manner is to select the right mix and number of massage creams so that you are prepared to tailor your massage cream choice to what your next client might present.

If you are unsure which massage creams to pick for this purpose, a great way to begin is by talking to your clients and getting a feel for some of the common issues they present, issues that you might be better able to address if you had a certain kind of massage cream on hand. If you can, talk to a few of your clients about what preferences that might have in a massage cream as well.

For example, if many of your clients come in talking about mental and emotional stress, tension, anxiety and exhaustion—which tends to be the case these days in so many massage and bodywork practices—then you might consider purchasing a massage cream that contains essential oils that are reported to ease the symptoms of mental and emotional stress.

Ask these clients whether they might be interested in an aromatherapy massage using these essential oils, and if they seem receptive, then you might want to purchase this kind of massage cream for your practice. Then, you will have the option of customizing specific sessions with this massage cream, which can then help your clients feel even more special, pampered and valued.

Another massage cream you might find popping up on your shopping list is a massage cream that contains a pain-relieving ingredient. If some of your clients are presenting with acute aches and pains, these people might enjoy the use of this customized massage cream on those tender and achy regions of their body.