Make Continuing Education Work for You



Each year, active massage therapists throughout the country enroll in continuing education courses. A major catalyst in continuing education is the fact that most states regulate massage, and require bodyworkers to earn a certain number of continuing education credits per year to keep their certifications current.

Beyond the mandate to earn credits in continuing education, there is another big reason so many bodyworkers enroll in these courses—to learn more about massage, from new techniques and body mechanics to marketing and ethics.

Get the double benefit of continuing education by attending classes that will not only count toward renewing your massage license, but also will serve to boost your business and renew your enthusiasm, as well.

Making continuing education work for you means selecting courses that suit your lifestyle and your practice. Be observant of requests from the clients on your table, along with the needs of your community as a whole, as you consider which continuing education courses to take.

For instance, if you live in an area where winter is severe and long-lasting, you may want to enroll in a continuing education class that teaches a technique such as hot stone massage. This would likely appeal to the chilly residents of your community, and add depth to your massage menu.

Another continuing education option for those cold-weather practitioners might be a more exotic modality, such as Hawaiian lomi lomi massage. The lure of island-based bodywork could be a big boon to business in, for instance, a snowy Midwestern town.

These are only two examples of how a massage therapist could choose continuing education courses he or she would truly benefit from, beyond simply keeping a certification current.

Another scenario may be the massage therapist who is looking to make forays into the hospital setting. In this case, courses in continuing education may be chosen based on whether they offer a skill that’s valued among medical professionals.

A class in massage for cancer patients might be the perfect choice in continuing education for those bodyworkers looking to work in the medical realm. Such a course would likely focus on a general overview of cancer, common types of medical cancer treatments, and detailed considerations and precautions regarding the indications and contraindications of massage.

Continuing education on massage for pregnant women or infants may be a good choice for bodyworkers who wish to go another route within the medical setting. These classes should teach massage therapists to work with these specialized populations in a safe and satisfying way.

As you can see, the options are nearly endless when it comes to choosing continuing education courses that will maintain your license and advance your career. A little forethought as you begin to select your classes could pay off handsomely, in terms of a loyal, growing client based, as well as a renewed personal enthusiasm for hands-on healing.

However, it’s important to research the quality of each continuing education course, and make sure it’s accepted by the board that regulates massage in your state, in order to get the most for your investment of time and money.