Make Marketing Dollars Stretch with Promotional Items, by Kris Wittenberg, MASSAGE Magazineby Kris Wittenberg

Promotional products may be the best-kept secret for small businesses right now. With the current economy, companies are holding on tight to their marketing dollars. It’s important to realize that the right promotional product can have a better return on investment (ROI) than any other form of advertising. The cost per impression can be as low as $0.004!

First of all, what is a promotional product? Think of anything and everything. Promotional products are water bottles, pens, gadgets, apparel, housewares—and the list goes on. All are branded with a company logo, call to action, URL or other messaging.

How can promotional products help your business? Businesses may not be aware of how promotional products impact consumers. According to a recent study by L.J. Market Research, promotional products are a powerful way to change consumers’ opinions. The study found 52 percent of respondents did business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional product, and 55 percent generally kept the product for more than a year, which means repeated exposure over a long period of time.   

Effective marketing with eco-friendly products is a huge trend right now. Not only are they environmentally conscious items, but they don’t add to the landfills because recipients of the items generally keep them longer.  This helps ensure items are kept and used, maximizing the client’s marketing dollars through repeated brand messaging. For example, giving out plastic water bottles has been extremely popular, but with the eco-friendly movement, it’s better to give a stainless steel water bottle or one made from recycled materials instead of a bottle that will just end up in the garbage.  

Eco-friendly products can increase the positive image of your brand and company. Below is a list of five eco-friendly products that give companies the best ROI and goodwill among those who receive them. Many of these items have been around for awhile in one form or another, but they have stood the test of time. These are the latest styles. 

  • Coffee tumblers have been around for decades, but designs have changed over time. The modern eco tumblers are made with biodegradable materials, 100 percent corn plastic and eCycle-–made with 100 percent recycled polypropylene. More importantly, tumblers fit into car cup holders. Think of all of the paper cups and cardboard sleeves that will not end up in the trash can!
  • Eco water bottles are extremely popular right now. They save landfills from all of those disposable water bottles. A recipient of a water bottle can be expected to use and enjoy for several years, giving your brand extended advertising opportunities. The bottles retail for as much as $25, but a business can give them away with its logo front and center for as little as $6 a piece. 
  • Now more than ever, shoppers are opting for reusable bags. With the increasing concern about disposable grocery bags, the reusable shopper tote is a fairly new entry in the promotional products industry. Companies can create goodwill with these totes, displaying their brand all around town in multiple styles. The life of these totes is quite long, which makes it extremely valuable on the ROI scale. 
  • The reusable lunch tote is another option, with a long life and perfect for these difficult economic times. The lunch totes can help people save money (on average up to $1,200 per year!) and the brand is seen by many. Lunch totes prevent disposable bags from being used, and many are being made from recycled materials.
  • Solar-powered products are a hot new item on the market. From flashlights to cell phone chargers, using the power of the sun has never been this exciting for consumers. These may seem like small items, but they offer continual use, therefore getting brand recognition for a longer period of time. 

Promotional Products Recommended for Massage Therapists

  • Satin Sleep Mask
  • Relaxation Pack (contains stressless tip card, mini de-stress lotion tube, mint tea and relax magnet reminder)
  • Aromatherapy Bear with Spa Robe (includes one-color imprint on robe)
  • Scented Mini Travel Candle
  • Bath Salts Tube
  • Private Label Relaxation CD
  • Dot Grip Spa Socks
  • Custom Nail File

Kris Wittenberg, MASSAGE MagazineKris Wittenberg is the creator of SayNoMore! Promotions, which creates cost-effective and memorable campaigns with branded promotional products. With access to more than 750,000 products in the marketplace, it can tailor products to make a lasting impression on your demographic whether younger, older or in between, employees, students, donors, recruits, kids, parents, teachers, clients and more.When Wittenberg started SayNoMore! Promotions 10 years ago, one of her goals was to rid the world of bad promotional products. Wittenberg consults clients to give out items that are appealing to the final user. For more information, contact or (970) 328-0109.