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Perfecting your trade is what you’ve been working for since day one. It’s the source of the passion that fuels your lifestyle, your career, and ultimately you as a person. Part of running a successful business, other than perfecting your trade, comes a laundry list of not-so-fun check boxes: Appointment management, customer communication, HR, marketing, record keeping, payment processing—phew! We’re out of breath. You know this list all too well. The very task of searching for a platform is daunting, let alone making sure you’re finding the best one for you and your business.

Meet Booksy. Does the name sound familiar? If you want simplicity, there’s a package for that. If you want a complex, in-depth platform to run your business off of, they can offer that too. Whichever package you feel is right for where you are, Booksy morphs to you. They acknowledge the fact that your business is as unique as you are, and they’re not there to take the wheel. Booksy sits in the passenger seat and helps you navigate, organize, and essentially gives you the freedom to drive your business anywhere you want.

You’re the captain. Booksy is the crew.

Why Booksy?

It’s hard to guess what anyone wants specifically in a booking app since it differs from business to business. One thing is always appreciated for certain, though: simplicity. It’s Booksy’s goal to bring ease to the booking process, for both you and your customers.

Booksy is built for you and your clients

Booksy is always on, so you don’t have to be. Rely on 24/7 online booking to fill your calendar, even when you’re not working. Convenience is at an all-time high for clients, with full social media integrations (IG, FB, Google, Yelp and Groupon) so they can book on the apps they already spend time on. Plus, your clients will never be met with a booking charge from Booksy.

Like we said, Booksy looks out for you and your clients, taking efficiency to a whole new level. Incorporate features like Wait List into your account, so customers can get alerts for same day appointment openings. You fill your calendar, and your client squeezes in at the last minute. It’s a win-win.

Booksy Doesn’t Stop at Appointments

When handling the clients currently in your spa or business feels like a lot, how are you supposed to market to the ones not there, new to the neighborhood, unhappy with their current provider? Booksy offers a full marketing suite with tons of automated features that have you marketing your business in a few clicks.

Booksy’s Marketing Suite includes:

  • Social Post Creator — Booksy’s Social Post Creator connects directly with your Instagram account, making it easier to share your work directly from the Booksy app.  
  • Texting Feature — Streamline how your clients reach you and how you communicate with them. Forget saving contacts, texts from random numbers, and your personal phone number being out in the open. We know how much you love your clients, but know you don’t want to talk to them all the time. Set boundaries and regain your freedom when you manage all customer conversations via Booksy’s texting feature.
  • Email Blasts — Changing your hours? Closing early for a holiday? Announcing a new service or product? Booksy’s email blast feature makes it a one-step process for no additional fee.
  • Message Targeting — Customize your communication with your clients based on their appointment status. If clients haven’t made an appointment in a certain amount of time, create an automated message to go out to that list. Booksy updates these lists dynamically so you can check-in with all clients, no matter which stage they’re in.
  • Marketplace — When you make the switch to Booksy, you automatically show up on their marketplace. Nearby users can filter by services, zip codes, reviews, and more. Enjoy a new kind of discoverability on Booksy’s marketplace.
  • Reviews — Potential clients will look for reviews before having full confidence in booking with a new provider, no matter the service. Your clients who booked and completed a visit with you can leave verified reviews directly on your Booksy profile and Google, allowing them to talk up your skills while you take care of the client in the chair.
  • Booksy Boost — Boost is a Booksy-exclusive feature that allows your business listing to get in-front of more potential clients. With Boost, Booksy takes 30% of a new client’s first booking with you, but that’s it. If you let your skills do the talking on appointment one, you can count on that client returning to you again.

Booksy Is Looking to Build Your Bank, Not Break It

With affordable, all-inclusive pricing, making the switch to Booksy is a no-brainer. With a special end-of-year offer of three months for $1, you can try them on for size and see if they’re what you’re looking for. Bonus: there’s no charge to migrate your clients over from your previous booking app. Booksy has a dedicated migration team that will walk you through every step of the process.

Sound convincing enough to make the switch? Whatever your business goals are, Booksy was built to cater to them and help you achieve them with ease. According to user research , providers using Booksy get 20% more bookings per customer and up to a 25% drop in no shows and cancellations. This translates to more time  for you — time to perfect your craft, manage your business, spend with clients, or purely to chill.

What’s your reason for making the switch to Booksy?