Boston, MA (Dec. 6, 20110:  The Five-Star Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston will introduce a new bespoke Gemstone Vitality treatment to its comprehensive menu of signature therapies and luxurious journeys starting Jan. 1, 2012.

The new 1 hour 50 minute Gemstone Vitality treatment links locally mined gems of Garnet, Tourmaline, smoky Quartz and Amethyst with the healing powers of Mandarin Oriental custom-blended essential oils and a relaxing massage to evoke a sense of calm, balance and vitality within the body. The experience begins with a welcoming foot ritual followed by a scrub of ground calendula seed, a flower native to New England, combined with one of the selected five Mandarin Oriental Signature oils. Guests will then enjoy a soothing full body massage using the chosen essential oils and gem stones.


Recognized as the stone for successful business, Garnet may be found in a wide array of colors, each with a slightly different healing power. In addition to regulating the spleen, thyroid and blood system, Garnet is said to help alleviate feelings of sadness commonly associated with depression. By focusing on the neck and lower back regions during the treatment, Garnet works in unison with the Awaken or Flourish aromatherapy oils to relieve tension and discomfort. Guests who choose this powerful gem stone will experience increased vitality and stamina as well as a sense of courage, compassion and peace of mind following the treatment.


Tourmaline comes is varying hues and possesses healing properties that regulate the nerves and fight against heart disease. Emotionally dispelling fear and calming nerves, soothing red rubellite Tourmaline may also enhance creativity and fertility. Black schorl Tourmaline, on the other hand, balances energies by relaxing anxiety and deflecting negativity. Therapists work to establish an incredible sense of calm within the guest by slowing the mind and opening the chest using signature Bloom or Release essential oils and through concentration on the scalp and chest areas of the body.

Smoky Quartz

Often associated with spiritual readers, smoky Quartz helps to focus the mind and enhance guests’ organizational skills. Amongst its professed healing powers, smoky Quartz can ease panic attacks, back pain and stiff joints in the hands and feet. In combination with Mandarin Oriental Signature Awaken or Reflect oils, smoky Quartz is used to assist in relieving muscle tension, increasing circulation and calming anxiety. With focused attention on the hands and feet, guests will leave the experience feeling centered and in control of their thoughts and surroundings.


Commonly referred to as the “Wisdom Stone,” Amethyst helps one focus his or her energy on the power of healing and meditation. It has been said that putting an Amethyst under one’s pillow will bring about pleasant dreams and rubbing the stone across one’s forehead will offer relief from headaches. By concentrating on the abdomen as well as the scalp and forehead, Amethyst in combination with Release or Flourish essential oils assists in the removal of physical and emotional toxins from the body. Guests will experience reduced stress levels and soothing of fragile nerves, bringing about a feeling of tranquility and serenity.

Incorporating sense of smell, touch and color, the Gemstone Vitality journey has been designed to leave each guest feeling refreshed and optimistic. Treatments are available at USD260 on weekdays and USD280 on weekends. Reservations can be made by contacting the Spa Concierge directly at +1 (617) 535-8820 or emailing

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