Eighty percent of massage therapists barter or trade their services—and that’s up from 72 percent of massage therapists who used barter in 2009, according to survey results published in a report from a national massage association.

On average, therapists barter massage services about 12 times per year, higher than reported in prior years, according to data presented in the fourth annual Massage Profession Research Report, released recently by the American Massage Therapy Association.

Among the results of the survey:

• Massage therapists in all work settings have significantly increased their use of bartering, the sole exception being those working in a health-club setting.

• The average dollar value of services bartered each year rose to $558 in 2010 from $535 in 2009.

• Sole practitioners and spa-and-salon workers saw their dollar value of services increase, while those who worked as a contractor, at a health club or in a health care setting saw their average value of bartered services decline in 2010.

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