For those massage therapists who are searching for home study continuing education classes, the motivation to grow and expand one’s professional knowledge and skill set can come from a variety of sources. Of course, among the most common reasons for signing up for continuing education classes is the need to renew and maintain one’s license to practice legally. However, there are other factors that drive touch therapists to find quality continuing education, as well.

We can begin our exploration into the motivating factors behind enrolling in continuing education by visiting what is perhaps the most common driving force—a requirement to earn a certain amount of continuing education units within a set period of time in order to qualify for renewing your massage therapy license or certification. This requirement is a reality for the large number of practitioners who live and work in states or regions where the profession of massage therapy is regulated by a governing board.

Depending on the specific governing board and its rules and regulations, you may need to seek out continuing education classes to keep your license. If you happen to be a massage therapist or bodyworker who lives in a state or region where this is the case, then be sure to look into the details of the regulation. Find out if you need to enroll in continuing education classes on a specific topic or through a specific provider. You want to make sure your classes will count toward the requirements that are in place.

Beyond the maintenance and renewal of one’s license or certification to practice massage therapy or bodywork, there is another main motivation for taking home study continuing education courses. This motivation may best be summed up by stating that professional massage therapists and bodyworkers who are the most successful often are those who are constantly looking to improve and strengthen their practices from every possible angle. This frequently means taking continuing education classes on topics that can serve this purpose.

For example, a massage therapist may notice that she is beginning to feel a bit bored in her practice, and that the techniques she is using are starting to feel too routine. This awareness may go a step further if the practitioner feels she is a bit limited in the ways she can serve her clients with her current skill set. In this case, continuing education classes can provide the route toward taking on a whole new modality, which can bring a sense of freshness and enthusiasm back to the practice and also better serve clients with specific issues or conditions.

Another scenario in which home study continuing education may improve and strengthen one’s massage therapy or bodywork practice may have nothing to do with a new modality, but more to do with the business side of this work. For instance, a bodyworker may realize he is not marketing his practice to the best of his ability because he does not have the necessary skills to advertise and perform outreach effectively. In this case, he may sign up for a continuing education class that is all about marketing for massage therapists and bodyworkers.