Marjorie Brook’s Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) instruction joins the Fitcamp Cancun lineup April 14 to 18, to show participants how to create and maintain balance. The stretching technique will complement the weekend’s hands-on workshops and latest research on exercise techniques, holistic medicine and applied anti-aging research.

AIS, a scientifically designed flexibility system, works with the nervous system to re-educate muscles to function properly and maintain full range of motion. By isolating each muscle and not holding a stretch for more than two seconds, muscle fibers are targeted at every angle while preventing the protective stretch reflex that causes muscle contraction. AIS is based on the principle that fascia, the soft-tissue component of the body’s connective tissue system, should be able to move freely.

Brook will join other leading health experts, including Fitcamp founder and editor of Ms. Fitness, Greta Blackburn, to help participants change their physiology at a cellular level. Beyond the flexibility, pain-relieving and stress-relieving benefits of AIS, it also improves oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells and stimulates lymph circulation and the elimination of cellular waste.

“AIS is an amazing tool for both the fitness professional and the everyday person,” said Marjorie Brook, founder of Brook Seminars. “By recognizing fascia as one continuous piece running through our bodies, we can approach flexibility three dimensionally with implications that expand to total body and mind health.”

Self-stretching classes on legs, lower back/hips and cervical/shoulder will be led by Brook for the first three days of the camp April 14 to 16 at the Ceiba del Mar Resort in Cancun, Mexico. To register and learn more about Fitcamp Cancun, visit

About Marjorie Brook

International instructor Marjorie Brook is a licensed massage therapist and an Advanced Active Isolated Stretching practitioner. She developed Scar Tissue Release Therapy, a unique program that approaches the multifaceted matrix of fascia three dimensionally to reduce pain, physical scarring by freeing restricted tissues. She teaches her techniques throughout the U.S. and Europe, offering continuing education courses in Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and Strengthening, Scar Tissue Release and Body Mechanics through her company Her private practice,, caters to a wide clientele of healthy and special needs adults and children.