If you operate your practice within a chiropractic office, medical practice, salon or other business, you are sitting on a gold mine of potential clients.

Here are some easy ways to reach out to clients of a larger business: 

  • Mail promotional postcards to part or all of the mailing list of the larger practice. 
  • Post flyers or posters in the waiting room. 
  • Leave your business cards at the desk. 
  • Leave discount coupons in the waiting room. (Remember to specify one per client. Give an expiration date, and suggest they pass it to a friend if they don’t plan to use it.)
  • Give sample chair massages in the waiting room. 
  • Give presentations to groups of clients or patients, perhaps joining with other professionals in the practice or salon, such as a naturopath, chiropractor or esthetician. 
  • Write articles for the office newsletter.

Encouraging referrals from other professionals in the office may be your very best marketing strategy.

  • Offer office mates free or discounted samples, so they know firsthand what your work is like. 
  • Educate them about your specialties or focus, so they will refer clients most likely to benefit from your work. If you are in a health-care setting, collect a packet of multiple copies of research articles on your specialty to hand to the other professionals. Or, have some copies of a book to loan or give away that present a compelling look at the research-supported benefits of massage. Examples are Touch Therapy by Tiffany Field and A Physician’s Guide to Therapeutic Massage by John Yates. 
  • Ask if they will hand out your business card or brochure to patients or clients when appropriate. In return for their referrals, have their brochures or business cards in your office to give to your clients.

If you are working under the banner of another business, take the driver’s seat, make a plan and network with the other professionals in your office or salon. You’ve got a great head start just by being there!

Diana Moore writes for Information for People Natural Touch Marketing™ for the Healing Arts. Information for People offers a complete and varied set of professional tools to reach out to clients and the community—not by being a salesperson, but by showing you care. Visit www.info4people.com to read other articles by Diana and find more resources for marketing your bodywork business.