Urban Oasis Offers Inexpensive and Unique Massage Options to Guests

Chicago’s top massage spot Urban Oasis is offering unique add-ons that will not only protect your wallet, but also provide a unique and relaxing spa retreat that you won’t soon forget. From aromatherapy to ashiatsu, there are different options to suit any taste. Some of the different options that you can enjoy during your experience at Urban Oasis are:

Aromatherapy: Different scents can trigger different physical reactions during a massage or spa treatment.  For an additional $5, clients can choose from a selection of five blends:  Stress-relieving (Lavender & Chamomile), Balancing (Lavender & Ylang Ylang), Detoxifying (Juniper & Grapefruit), Revitalizing (Cypress & Peppermint) and Therapeutic Sports (Rosemary and Eucalyptus).  

Private locker rooms and showers: Each guest of Urban Oasis is given the choice of a private changing room that features either a Steam or Rain Shower.  The rooms are complete with lockers and all of the essentials one may need. This is a fabulous amenity that most spas do not offer.  The private room ensures that the guest is completely comfortable and relaxed. It’s the perfect end to a relaxing massage treatment and is offered to each guest, who receives a treatment of an hour or more, at no additional charge

Ashiatsu: This unique 70-minute massage treatment is perfect for deep tissue lovers. Costing just $10 more than an hour massage, the treatment combines both the hands and feet for an experience unlike any other.  Massage therapists suspend themselves on twin overhead bars that are parallel with the table. Using the weight of their bodies, they are able to relieve aches and pains with pressure and massage with their feet. This type of massage incorporates some Swedish techniques as well, so you are truly getting the best of both worlds.

About Urban Oasis:

Founded in 1992 by owner Peter Rubnitz, Urban Oasis has quickly become one of Chicago’s premier massage locations.  Urban Oasis has two locations in the heart of Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast and offers the widest ranges of massage techniques in the Chicago area including being the first to bring Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy to the city.  Urban Oasis offers everything from Swedish to Thai treatments as well as an amazing array of aromatherapy candles and Archipelago Botanicals.  Urban Oasis was also the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Employer of the Year in 2008.

For more information you can visit them at www.urbanoasis.biz.