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Welcome to my blog “Thoughts from a therapist”! This is my first post and I intend that many more will follow. I’ve called this blog “thoughts from a therapist” as I would like to share with you insights, thoughts, questions and answers that come up in my work as a massage therapist.

A bit about myself. I’ve been a massage therapist for over 8 years. I’ve trained in Amsterdam, Holland, where I’m from, and in the US, where I’ve been living now for 4 years. My background is nursing (RN) and Psychology, but massage is where my real passion is. Massage is such a positive thing to do and it can make a true difference in someones life. I believe the world would be a more peaceful place and people would be much happier, if everyone would get massages.

I’ve had a private practice in Amsterdam. People would come to my office for a session. Since I moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago, I’ve discovered mobile massage services. I go all over LA with my table or chair and I’ve completely fallen in love with this kind of service. For a client, it adds an extra aspect of relaxation to a session, as they don’t have to go through traffic before and after the appointment. For me, I love the fact of not having any overhead costs and the freedom that comes with it. I love all the different places that I go to and yes, sometimes traffic is bad, but with some good music in my car to listen to, it’s all pretty ok. Providing mobile work in Amsterdam was never an option, there’s just no way to get around with your car and table, so now this is one of the advantages of living in LA.

In future blogs I’d love to share many topics with you that involve being a massage therapist and running a business, from specific massage techniques to being an entrepreneur. I invite you to share your thoughts regarding massage and being in the massage profession as well. I hope we can learn a lot from each other.

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