Myofascial Release

Are you suffering from frequency, urgency, or incontinence?

February 3, 2012 · 2 Comments

All of our organs are fascial structures that ideally are capable of expanding and contracting. As you know, the bladder is a hollow organ that should be capable of expanding and contracting to hold fluid (urine) for a prolonged period of time. Fascial restrictions from trauma, scars, and/or the delivery process can exert crushing pressure upon the bladder creating the symptoms of frequency, urgency, and/or incontinence. To view John’s latest Therapeutic Insight article “Women’s Health,” click on the following link. (Women’s Health) You might be interested in finding a Women’s Health seminar near you. Click on the following link to view upcoming seminars. (




 For more information about Myofascial Release, you can now access two separate excerpts from the Fireside Chat with John F. Barnes, PT DVD on ‘You Tube’!   Just click on the following links:

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  •   M'elle Pirri-Lee // Feb 9th 2012 at 5:50 am

    This is an area of MFR that is very important to me. I have a uterine fibroid that at times put extra pressure on my bladder. I remember many years ago being at a party, laughing at a friend’s joke and leaking so much urine that I had to borrow a pair of pants from the hostess (a good friend). A week later I was at the Paoli treatment center to take a Skill Enhancement Seminar. As part of that week, I received 45 minutes of treatment a day. I had my first experience with internal work from John. The treatments made a big difference. Since that time I have gotten regular treatments from local MFR therapists and have had two T4T’s (Therapy for the Therapist a week of thrice daily sessions) in the Paoli clinic. The fibroid has gotten smaller and I have never again had to worry about changing my pants if someone makes me laugh. Thank you John, you changed my life. The change has been so profound that it lead me to take the Women’s Health Seminar so I could assist other women with pelvic floor issues.

  •   Mary Mancillas-Loveless // Apr 25th 2012 at 9:26 pm

    After 2 C-sections, a fused back and bearly able to move, I found myself having to run to the bathroom. Surgery was presented as a last alternative. I was done with any more surgeries. Then by chance, I had the money and time to finally take a JFB-MFR class so I went to Facial Pelvis. This is when HOPE came back into my life. Six months later I went to Sedona for more classes and treatment at TOR. This was such a success that I opened my own Myofascial Release Center, Back In Motion, Great Falls, Montana.

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