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What would you do next?

The other day I participated in a therapist group discussion where we talk about issues related to Massage and therapy.  One discussion I would like to share with you because i would like to find out what you would do in this situation.   The discussion was based on a client that came in for a treatment and we had varying opinions and approaches.   The opinions divided us into three equal groups of two.   The question that started it was, what would you do next to help this client?

If a client came to you with the following symptoms and asked that you look at their toe.
1. I have a slight headache across the forehead and over one eye.
2. My mid back is a little stiff from playing golf.
3. I jammed my thumb in the kitchen drawer yesterday, its a little sore.
4. My left big toe hurts when I bend it.
5. My neck and shoulders are stiff because I work long hours in front of the computer.
The therapists went in three different directions.
1. Do a cervical assessment to determine where the neck stiffness stems from then, have the client in a prone position and treat the back and shoulders.
2. Do an assessment of the lumbar and then the cervical and start the client on the table in the prone position to address their back.
3. Do an assessment of the ankle and toe then put the client in a supine position to work on the lower leg and foot.
What would you suggest we do next?  Just before I tell you what the we ended doing, I just wanted to hear what someone else might have to say.
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