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***The Web team is developing a new feature to be launched in 2008: Resource Centers, which will contain articles, news, and other tools to support the massage practice. Are YOU a resource for this information? Be an expert contributor in our online community.***

In exchange for your participation, MASSAGE will identify you as an expert and help promote your work, book, name or Web site. In the author’s bio at the end of each article you can provide two or three sentences about yourself including any experience or credentials directly related to the topic of your article, your place of employment and title, and any contact information that you would like us to publish – such as the URL for your Web site, your e-mail address, phone number, etc.

Examples of the articles needed (500 to 700 words, which will get national exposure) are as follows:

* Reasons adults go back to school – Going back to school is important for many adults to achieve personal growth, maintain intellectual challenges, being lifelong learners, new careers, and other reasons.

* Going back to college provides opportunities for baby boomers who want to engage in resolving community and world issues. They view retirement as a new career challenge.

* How to Evaluate Continuing Education Programs – Employers no longer place total emphasis on grade point average as a means of determining the suitability of employee career growth or potential employees.

* Planning for Continuing Education – Proper planning to meet personal educational objectives requires knowing current skills and career interests. These will develop a successful personal education plan.

* Benefits of Adult Education: It’s Never Too Late – Adults can continue their education through the benefits of distance learning, overcoming the myths which typically surround adults going back to school to earn a degree.

* Used Textbooks: How to Save Money on Education – The high cost of continuing education for adults leaves them searching for ways to save money. One of the best ways to save money is by buying used textbooks online.

* Online Education Learning Strategies for Adults – Focusing on important ideas and facts in a distance education course, planning, managing time, managing stress, and understanding expectations leads to course success.

* 10 Tips for Going Back to School – Many people talk about going back to school; however they are not focused. Reasons for going back, financial considerations, and selecting the right school need thought.

* Adults Going Back to School: Fitting In – Many adults feel they will not be able to fit in with younger students in college. However following a few guidelines and ignoring college myths will lead to success.

* How to Write a Learning Contract – If you’re headed back to the classroom this fall, a learning contract with yourself will help ensure your success. Do you know exactly what you need to learn and how…

* What’s Your Favorite Way to Earn CEUs?

* What’s a CEU?

* What Do You Like Best About Continuing Education Conferences?

* What’s Keeping You from Going Back to School? Why haven’t you gone back to school? Is it money? Or time? Do you feel like you’re too old or might look stupid?

* Are You an Efficient Time Manager? Have you ever been positive about something, only to find out later from a photo or a mirror or an overheard comment that your perception of the situation wasn’t exactly… was recently selected as one of Google News’ top massage therapy news sites and is tracked by Google News every minute for breaking massage therapy news.

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