One of the common pieces of advice you may hear when it comes to achieving success in nearly any aspect of life is this: Pay attention to the details. Of course, it is key to keep the big picture in mind as well, but without getting the details right, there is likely little chance of making the big picture come together correctly.

For those who have chosen the path of professional massage therapy and bodywork, this piece of advice certainly applies. After all, it is the quality of each one of your client sessions that counts toward creating a successful practice. Breaking this down a bit further, it is clear that quality most often equates to a whole slew of details that have been tended to carefully.

One of those details is your massage cream. If you do not acknowledge the importance of using a top-notch, effective massage cream, then you are letting a crucial detail slip through the cracks. Even though the massage cream you use during appointments may not take center stage, it still needs to be a high-quality product. If not, then the quality of your sessions could go down a notch.

If you get swept up in the excitement of a new technique or opening your own practice, or if you get overwhelmed by such stressors as financial problems or issues in your personal life, you may run the risk of not paying attention to details. In such instances, another angle on the same piece of advice applies: don’t cut corners.

You do not want to compromise on the quality of your massage cream, even if it may seem like the easier or cheaper route in a moment of stress and anxiety. Instead, for a successful outcome, take your time finding the right massage cream for you and your current budget. If you cut corners here, the result may show up in the session room and eventually lead to even more problems.

Now, you may be wondering what it means to pay attention to the details when it comes to selecting your massage cream. First of all, it means finding a massage cream that allows you to perform your hands-on techniques to the best of your ability, perhaps even adding to or enhancing the application of your techniques. In other words, you will need a massage cream with a texture that offers the right amount of friction and glide for the type of massage therapy or bodywork you perform.

Once a massage cream meets this initial requirement, most of the other benefits a massage cream can provide are like icing on the cake. For example, you may wish to find a massage cream that works well with your modality and contains a relaxing blend of essential oils. Another example might be a massage cream that a pain-relieving ingredient to the table, along with the right ratio of stick and slide.

When it comes to your career and your massage cream, pay attention to the details, don’t cut corners, and you can be well on your way to maintaining a successful practice.