Massage Cream Can Bring Nature Into Your Session Space, MASSAGE MagazineFor many practitioners in the field of healthy touch, getting out into nature can be a wonderful way to connect, recharge and gain a greater sense of groundedness and peace. Those massage therapists and bodyworkers who find they derive such benefits from the great outdoors might do well to consider ways in which they could bring bits and pieces of the natural world into the session room.

A short brainstorming session could lead to a number of creative methods for weaving natural elements into a massage therapy or bodywork session. For example, you might choose to play music that contains authentic sounds from nature, or you might decorate your practice space with stones, pinecones or flowers from a favorite hiking path.

Perhaps one of the best ways to bring Mother Nature into your session room is through the use of carefully chosen massage creams. Massage creams can be powerful representatives of the benefits of nature, especially because a massage cream is so close to—and even absorbed by—the skin of both the client and practitioner throughout each session.

If you are wondering how a massage cream could be such a great way to bring the great outdoors into your session room, there are a few different answers. The underlining factor is that many high-quality massage creams contain ingredients straight from the natural world. For instance, when you are using a pain-relieving massage cream, the active ingredient often is arnica montana, which is a plant.

Of course, the examples of natural ingredients used in massage creams could go on and on. There is shea butter, jojoba butter, coconut oil and all kinds of other nut, fruit, vegetable and flower extracts that are put to use in the various massage creams on the market. Chances are, the massage cream you currently use probably contains at least one or two ingredients from the natural world.

However, if you are attempting to make a point of bringing nature into your session room, it is best to seek out those massage creams that contain the natural ingredients you desire, and you may also want to make sure that these ingredients have not been processed or manufactured in a way that might be considered harmful to the planet.

If you are seeking a more sensory experience of the outdoors within your massage room, then it may be helpful to tap into the power of aroma as you select your next massage cream. Many of the massage creams that pack plenty of natural ingredients may have no scent at all, so it might be nice to keep another nature-based massage cream on hand that does bring the power of aroma to the table.

In this case, you will want to look for massage creams that contain pure essential oils as the source of the aroma—no synthetic or artificial fragrances. By searching for massage creams with pure essential oils, you will be ensuring that the aroma comes from a plant, not a laboratory.