Massage Cream Can Make an Impact, MASSAGE MagazineWhether you select a massage cream based on products you have tried in the past or in an effort to find something new and different for your practice, certain rules should apply when it comes to keeping a massage cream on hand. For the professional massage therapist or bodyworker, massage cream is a staple tool and key product to keep in the session room, and it is not an area where quality should be compromised.

At first look, one might think of massage cream as a minor detail and not something to be given much thought. However, savvy massage therapists or bodyworkers most likely know the importance of massage cream. After all, this lubricant is the only thing that gets closer to a client than your own hands. When the client leaves your practice, she is leaving with this lubricant on her skin. Therefore, making a good impression may have much more to do with massage cream than one might consciously consider.

On top of the fact that each client comes in such close contact with massage cream, the quality of this lubricant is also crucial to your own ability to apply the techniques or modalities you tend to practice. For example, a massage cream that does not offer much glide may hinder you from performing lighter, longer strokes during a massage or bodywork session. At the other end of the spectrum, a massage cream that does not offer enough stick may make it difficult to focus on deep-tissue massage techniques.

Hopefully, by now, it is clear why quality is king when it comes to massage cream. Not only do your clients go home wearing this lubricant, but it also affects your own ability to perform the touch therapy that these clients desire. Fortunately, this means that a high-quality massage cream may actually improve and enhance your hands-on services and keep clients coming back for more. If the massage cream you use has any added benefits, such as aromatherapy or lush hydration, then this may prove to be a selling point for your practice as well.

However, in order to find such a rewarding massage cream, you may need to begin by taking a closer look at the lubricant you currently use. Ask yourself whether this massage cream helps or hinders your talents in the session room. Obviously, if it is hindering your techniques, then you must begin looking for a new massage cream right away. If you feel the lubricant is enhancing and improving your ability to provide massage therapy or bodywork, you may feel quite content to keep it on hand—or you may want to find out if there’s a massage cream on the market with even more benefits.

If you do intend to go searching for the ideal massage cream, try to contact companies to obtain free samples or purchase small trial sizes. This way, you can take the massage cream for a few test drives before making your final decision for a purchase.