Every item a client comes into contact with in your practice as a massage therapist or bodyworker could and ,perhaps should, be viewed as an extension of you and your work. By shifting your perspective in order to see your practice through the eyes of each of your clients—especially, brand-new ones—you can ensure you are portraying the image you want in order to stay successful as a massage therapist or bodyworker.

Most people, in nearly every profession across the board, find themselves becoming a little too comfortable now and again. That is when ruts can form and quality can slip, if you are not careful about catching the comfort before it turns into one of these ruts.

One good way to make sure the quality of your practice is not slipping in any way, from the ambiance in the waiting room at your practice to the music you play in your session room, is to make a conscious and consistent effort to view your practice through the eyes of your clients.

Consider setting a day and time on your calendar, during the first week of every month, when you will pull up to your practice or enter your personal session room and view each and every detail through fresh eyes, as if you were a new client coming to your massage or bodywork appointment for the very first time.

Another great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your practice is to ask a trusted colleague, friend or family member—or maybe even a long-time client—to receive a free session in exchange for his or her feedback on each everything encountered during the appointment.

One of the key details you will want to make sure you consider is your massage cream. At first, that may sound like a minor detail in comparison to more “in-you- face” factors, such as the décor in your session space or the comfort of your table linens. However, when you pause to think about it, massage cream is actually the one component of every session that comes closer to clients than your own healing hands. Therefore, it is imperative that the massage cream you use serves as an extension of you and your practice in the most positive way. This massage cream should be one you are proud to use, and it should be a massage cream that is in line with your own values as a person and a massage therapist.

For instance, if you pride yourself on being conscious of your impact on the planet, you will want your massage cream to serve as an extension of that point of pride. That means your massage cream should contain ingredients that were cultivated and manufactured using methods that were eco-friendly across the board.

You might find that the best way to show your clients you care about their comfort and wellness is to keep a variety of high-quality massage creams stocked in your session room, so each client has options when it comes to the massage cream you use during the appointment.

Take a look at your practice through the eyes of your clients, with your massage cream as a solid starting point.

Brandi Schlossberg