by Brandi Schlossberg

Massage Cream Can Reflect Your Values, MASSAGE MagazineBuilding a brand for yourself and your business does not have to involve expensive marketing firms or skilled graphic designers. In fact, building a brand can, and perhaps should, begin with you as a massage therapist or bodyworker. If you can construct your professional identity around who you are as a person and what you offer your clients as a massage therapist or bodyworker, then you can rest assured you are drawing new clients, and keeping old ones, from a place of authenticity.

One of the best ways to begin creating a practice atmosphere and professional identity that is made for success is by focusing on integrity. In this sense, integrity means being whole and consistent throughout your work environment and activities. In other words, each aspect of your practice should reflect your values and be in harmony with your own beliefs, never working against them.

At first, you might think it would be better to try to satisfy clients by creating a practice that caters wholly to them. However, the truth is you should be able to serve your clients in an optimal way when you are working in an atmosphere of integrity. After all, when your actions are in harmony with your values, it often generates an exceptional form of positive energy.

Now you may be wondering exactly how you can bring your own values into the session room and into your identity as a massage therapist or bodyworker. The first step here is to know what those values are, so you can then integrate them in your work.

For example, conserving natural resources and not harming the planet may be part of your core value system. At home, you may recycle consistently and purchase eco-friendly products. It is easy to see how you can bring this into your practice as well. Make sure you recycle at work and make it easy for your clients to recycle there, too. When you purchase a product, take the time to ensure no harm was done to the planet in the making of that product.

A key product for massage therapists and bodyworkers to focus on in the quest to align actions with values is massage cream. Massage cream is used day in and day out on nearly every client who comes through your door. It is not something you purchase only once and then have for decades. That makes your choice of massage cream even more important.

If not harming the planet is one of your values, you will want to purchase a massage cream that not only comes in a container that can be recycled or is made of recycled materials, but you also want a massage cream that contains ingredients that were cultivated and processed in an eco-friendly way.

As another example, one of your values may be maintaining a calm, relaxed presence in the moment. This could translate to your massage cream, as you may want to purchase a cream that contains ingredients known to induce a state of calm and relaxation, enhancing the ability of clients to stay present and in peace.

Begin with your massage cream as you strive to integrate all aspects of your practice and build a brand for yourself and your work that you can be proud to stand behind.