Massage Cream Can Spark Creativity, MASSAGE MagazineIf you have been in the massage therapy or bodywork business for any amount of time, then you probably know marketing can be an essential component of success. This is especially true during tight economic times, when other complementary health care providers in your area also are competing for business from the same pool of clients.

For this reason, it is vital massage therapists and bodyworkers stay on top of their marketing efforts. This might mean having hard-copy marketing materials such as a brochure or service menu on hand in your waiting area or session room. In today’s social media savvy world, it also means maintaining a strong online presence. Once you have such marketing staples in place, it then becomes important to continue updating and refreshing this content on a regular basis.

As you go about creating your marketing material, it is important to consider all the ways in which you can emphasize the value clients will receive when they book a session with you. This not only means describing your services and their benefits in a clear and appealing manner, but it can also mean mentioning a few of the factors that make a session with you special.

One such factor to focus on is your massage cream. Many massage therapists and bodyworkers may make the mistake of assuming massage cream is such a minor detail that it does not need to be mentioned in any marketing material. If you feel this is the case, then you may be using the wrong massage cream or simply not grasp the full potential of a great massage cream.

A quality massage cream can add value to your sessions, making your clients feel more pampered and even attain greater and longer-lasting results. Having a variety of quality massage creams on hand also can allow you to create themed sessions based on the benefits of each of these massage creams, thereby giving your clients more options and adding a nice variety to your practice menu.

As an example, you may decide to purchase a massage cream that contains essential oils, such as lavender or rosemary, in order to bring an aromatherapy element to your practice menu. Then, as you are crafting your marketing material, you will want to describe this service—the kind of massage cream used during the session and the benefits clients can expect to receive.

With a different kind of massage cream comes a different kind of service, which can then be added to your practice menu and marketing material as well. For instance, if there is a pain-relieving massage cream you really like, then consider building a themed session around this massage cream. You might deem it the “Pain Buster” or something along those lines, and describe how your techniques coupled with this quality massage cream can help alleviate even the most painful sore muscles and joints.

Each time you come across a great new massage cream, allow that product to inspire your creativity. Consider how you could use it to better serve your clients, and then refresh your marketing material with this new content.