by Brandi Schlossberg

Massage Cream Comes in Shades of Green, MASSAGE MagazineGreen is the new black, and it does not appear the trend toward becoming more planet friendly will pass any time soon. The fact that the need to watch out for our natural resources and the health of our ecosystem has become mainstream news is certainly a change for the better.

No longer are people simply interested in the ease and convenience of expendable items. Quite the opposite, it seems people are much more intrigued by reusable products, such as cloth grocery bags, water bottles you can refill and material that can be recycled.

Perhaps one of the reasons the green trend finally caught fire is because advances in science and technology have allowed for the creation of eco-friendly products that do not compromise on quality, ease or convenience. With these green goods, consumers get the best of both worlds—a high quality and planet friendly product.

Massage therapists and bodyworkers form a portion of our population that may have been concerned about being kind to Earth long before it became popular to go green. Some may see this as being ahead of the curve, while others—particularly those massage therapists and bodyworkers who have long respected natural resources—may simply see it as common sense.

Whatever the case may be, taking steps to help protect the planet has become a hot business trend, and it is one massage therapists and bodyworkers should not hesitate to tap into. An important place to begin is with your massage cream, which is a product most massage therapists and bodyworkers use in nearly every session. Not only are professionals in the field of touch therapy going through quite a bit of massage cream, but this lubricant also is something that is soaked into each client’s skin, as well as the skin of the massage therapist or bodyworker.

For these reasons alone, it is easy to see why going green with your massage cream can be a crucial move. It seems there are various shades of green when it comes to massage cream, so it will be up to the massage therapist or bodyworker to determine just how planet friendly his or her products need to be.

For example, one level of green might be a massage cream that comes in packaging that can be entirely recycled, from the wrapper to the box to the bottle or tub. Of course, it will be up to the massage therapist or bodyworker to carry out this planet friendly action.

The next level might be a massage cream that is not only packaged in 100-percent recyclable materials, but also contains 100-percent organic ingredients. This type of product ensures the touch therapist, as well as his or her clients, that no synthetic chemicals were used to grow, process or produce the ingredients within the massage cream. This means fewer synthetic chemicals to be soaked up in nature’s streams and soils—or through your skin and the skin of your clients.

To get an even greener massage cream, you may want to look at where the ingredients are grown and where the massage cream is manufactured. The closer to home the entire process stays, the lighter the carbon footprint on our planet.