MM_cream4Professional massage therapists and bodyworkers who offer deeper methods of manual therapy may feel challenged to find a lubricant that allows them to perform the focused techniques. Instead of giving up on the search, these touch therapists should explore the broad world of massage creams.

A high-quality massage cream can provide both the glide of an oil and the friction of a lotion. The amount of slip and stick varies depending on the cream, so practitioners may need to test a few before choosing any one product.

Begin the search by narrowing down the options to only those creams geared toward deep tissue work. Usually, the manufacturer will label the product according to the technique it was designed for.

The right product should give the practitioner a bit more freedom when it comes to applying the various strokes of the deeper modality. This way, if the massage therapist feels it would be best to lighten up and spread out a bit throughout the session, the massage cream would allow for increased glide as necessary.

Of course, before you buy a bulk amount of any product, it is important to test it and make sure the ratio of friction to glide is on point for the techniques and modalities you use within your practice. Even if the label indicates that it has been developed for deep tissue work, some practitioners may prefer a bit more friction or bit more glide. Make sure you find the cream that offers the ideal ration for you.

Always be on the lookout for samples to use on family and friends, and try to order a small amount of the product to test before purchasing a large amount. This way, you can make sure the consistency is going to enhance your hands-on services.

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