There are a few basic categories in the world of massage lubricants. The main kinds of massage lubricants are cream, oil, gel and lotion, although body butters and other variations of these four categories may make an appearance as well. Among the most popular types of massage lubricant is massage cream, and for valid reasons.

Massage creams tend to combine several of the best assets from the above categories into one versatile lubricant. For the most part, massage creams are known for blending both friction and glide. In other words, you get some of the smooth, sliding qualities that come with a massage oil, as well as some of the “stick” that comes with a massage lotion.

The reason massage creams often are among the best-selling massage lubricants is because a large number of massage therapists and bodyworkers enjoy using an array of hands on techniques during each session, and such a flexible lubricant allows these touch therapists to switch skills on the spot.

For example, a massage therapist may begin her session with smooth, gliding techniques and later on move into the deeper work on specific parts of her client’s body. Without a high-quality massage cream on hand, the massage therapist might have to start with a massage oil, then make sure the oil is wiped off or absorbed before switching to a massage lotion for deeper work.

However, with the help of massage cream, bodyworkers can mix and match light and deep work as they see fit, without having to worry about mixing and matching massage lubricants as well. When it is time for the smooth, gliding strokes, simply use a bit more massage cream. When it is time for deep-tissue work on specific muscles or regions of the body, simply use a bit less massage cream.

Once you fully understand the nature and benefits of massage creams in general, you can decide whether this type of lubricant is the right one for the hands-on work you do in your own massage therapy or bodywork practice on a daily basis. If so, the next step will be picking out the right massage cream for you and your clients.

Due to the fact that massage creams are so popular, you will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking one out. Perhaps begin by deciding whether you want a massage cream with or without a fragrance, as this will quickly filter out a few options.

After making that choice, you can then begin to look at ingredient labels and search for feedback on the product from other massage therapists and bodyworkers. If you have the time, try requesting samples from various manufacturers of massage cream, so you can actually try out the cream before you purchase it.

Make sure the massage cream you choose to use is one that most enhances your hands-on work, and you will be making a wise choice.

–Brandi Schlossberg