You can think of searching for a massage cream the same way you might consider shopping for a massage table, linens, music for your session room, candles or any other item that would be essential to your sessions with clients. By keeping your massage cream on par with other such items, you can guard against taking your massage cream for granted or assuming—incorrectly—that the quality of your massage cream may not matter much to your clients.

So, whether you are in search of your first staple massage cream or feel the urge to try a new massage cream after using one specific lubricant for many years, the same rules apply. This means you can use several of the same guidelines you might use when shopping for any other essential item for your session room or for use during appointments.

One such guideline is the quest for a high-quality item at a reasonable price. Go ahead and apply this to your search for a massage cream, by thinking about what it takes to make a massage cream of high quality, and what fee you will be willing to pay for the most suitable massage cream for you and your practice.

For many massage therapists and bodyworkers, the main test of a high-quality massage cream will be whether it enhances, or at least does not in any way hinder, the ability of the practitioner to apply his or her hands-on techniques. Obviously, the ideal massage cream would serve to further the effectiveness of the massage therapy or bodywork session, but even a neutral massage cream—one that serves its purpose but does not do much more—may be fine with some practitioners.

What you do not want in your massage cream is any trait that could actually take away from the value of your sessions. For instance, you don’t want a massage cream that offers so much slip that you are unable to perform deeper, more focused techniques, no matter how little of the massage cream you use. Another example might be a massage cream that contains a scent you find to be distracting and even irritating.

Another guideline you may wish to put into use in your hunt for a high-quality massage cream has more to do with your own values than the performance of the massage cream inside the session room. Be sure to place performance first as you search for a staple massage cream, but also consider whether the massage cream is in line with your principles and preferences.

For instance, when you were shopping for a massage table, you may have been looking for one that was manufactured using planet-friendly practices and also avoided the use of any materials that might be considered hazardous, such as certain types of varnishes, cushion covers and fillings.

If this is the case, bring these same principles into your quest for massage cream, by looking for a massage cream that was manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. You will also want to study the ingredient list on the massage cream to make sure it does not contain any ingredients that are not in line with the values of your practice.