Whether you think of massage cream merely as a simple tool that you use in your daily practice or as an important part of providing the best-possible client experience, one thing is certain—a large number of massage therapists and bodyworkers reach for massage cream on a regular basis.

When you stop to think about how often you use massage cream in your practice as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, it may become quite difficult to go back to thinking about massage cream as only a minor detail, if that was ever your perspective. The fact that massage cream plays an integral role in so many massage therapy or bodywork sessions can boost this product to a level of greater importance.

This is why it is important to weigh the pros and cons of your current massage cream on a regular basis, to make sure the massage cream you keep reaching for is one that can offer the best results for you and your clients. Remember, massage cream is the layer between your hands and your client’s skin, and it can be a crucial component of any successful session.

Even though your first thought about massage cream may be that it is only a lubricant, the fact remains that massage cream can be central to your practice. Many of the most successful massage therapists and bodyworkers know that in order to continue to thrive, it is necessary to look for more ways to add value to each session. Selecting the right massage cream can be a wonderful and often fairly simple and inexpensive way to add value to your sessions right away.

For example, consider the impression a client might have if he or she received a massage therapy or bodywork session that involved massage cream, but the practitioner made no mention of the massage cream on the practice menu or prior to the appointment. This client might leave the table feeling blissful, but with no thought about the massage cream that was applied to his or her skin.

Now, imagine you have gone to the trouble to find an organic, all-natural massage cream that was grown, processed and packaged using 100-percent planet-friendly methods and materials. If you went a step further and made mention of these facts, on your practice menu and other marketing materials, or as you start each session, your clients would be aware of the added value this high quality and environmentally responsible massage cream brings to your services.

The same applies to other well-chosen massage creams—if you can find a massage cream that brings an added value to your services, let your clients know, as this can help convey the message that you care enough to give them the very best.

Over time, if you are able to find a small array of massage creams, each of which imparts different benefits, you can take the value and pampering to a higher level, by selecting a massage cream to suit each individual client’s condition or complaints.