Massage Cream Lingers Beyond the Session Room, MASSAGE MagazineqWhen you consider how a client may feel when he or she leaves your practice after a massage therapy or bodywork appointment, there are several factors to focus on. First and foremost, you want your client to be walking away feeling better. Now, what it means to feel better will depend on the individual client and his or her needs, desires and goals as far as the massage therapy or bodywork session.

When a client leaves your practice feeling better or simply feeling good, it usually means he or she feels the appointment was a valuable investment, which can mean more future bookings. So, for the business savvy massage therapist or bodyworker, finding ways to make each session feel as valuable as possible can be a great way to improve the client experience and book more appointments.

Many massage therapists and bodyworkers may be a bit put off by the notion of adding value to each session, because one of the first things that comes to mind may be the idea that adding value to your sessions means spending a more money. While it is true that investing in expensive equipment and other items can be a worthy investment when it comes to boosting the value of your services, there are other powerful ways to add value without breaking the bank.

One such method is to focus on your massage cream. When you think about how your client feels when she leaves the session room, consider the fact she is leaving with a layer of massage cream on her skin. Therefore, along with the benefits of your hands-on touch therapy, the massage cream you applied will be a factor that lingers with your client long after the session has ended, or at least on the drive home and during the time prior to her next bath or shower.

Grasping this fact, it should be easy to see how massage cream can be such a key factor in adding value to your sessions, even though massage cream may seem like a minor detail and does not need to cost a ton of money. Basically, if you can find a massage cream the client appreciates having on his or her skin, it will boost that client’s level of satisfaction with your services.

For example, if your practice tends to cater to more spa-oriented clients, you may want to find a massage cream that can bring an even greater sense of luxury to the table. This might be a massage cream that offers rich hydration for your clients’ dry skin. It could also be a massage cream that contains essential oils, so that the benefits of aromatherapy are added to your massage therapy or bodywork sessions.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you tend to see a lot of athletes and other active clients in your practice, then having a massage cream on hand to provide relief from acute muscle and joint pain, when necessary, can bring an extra layer of value to the appointment.