Whether you are searching for a massage lubricant that will enhance your gliding strokes, assist you in sticking to deeper work, provide an aromatherapy benefit for you and your clients, or work in harmony with your own planet-friendly philosophy, there is a good chance you can find everything you are searching for in one bottle or tub.

At first, that may sound rather hard to believe, but the industries that have cropped up to support the booming field of massage therapy and bodywork have created a vast array of products. One of the most important of these supportive fields is populated by companies that aim to create the best possible massage lubricants. In today’s market, shelves are fully stocked with a massive variety of massage lubricants. Of course, “today’s market” means those shelves may be in an actual store or simply on a website.

Long gone are the days when a massage therapist or bodyworker was limited in his or her choices for massage creams. Those past limitations may have been due to the lack of diversity in the supply of massage lubricants or perhaps the lack of available options in the region where the massage therapist or bodyworker may have been practicing.

Fortunately, there is no longer any such lack, for there is not only a wide spectrum of massage lubricants on the market, but that market has also expanded to circle the entire globe, via the Internet. Currently, a massage therapist in Connecticut could go online and purchase a massage lubricant created in India, or a bodyworker in Belgium could go online and buy a massage lubricant made in Oregon. As you can see, the doors have certainly opened in terms of product variety when it comes to massage lubricants.

Hopefully it is now not so hard to believe that one could find a massage lubricant that meets nearly all of his or her ideal requirements. In fact, there happens to be a particular category of massage lubricant that is known for brining quite a few quality factors together in one versatile product. This category of lubricant is the massage cream.

After years of hands-on work by massage therapists and bodyworkers, along with product development done by companies that specialize in high-quality massage lubricants, the massage cream has been honed to offer top-notch assistance in nearly any kind of massage therapy or bodywork session.

That’s because this kind of massage lubricant provides a blend of both “stick and slick.” In other words, it brings together some of the most beloved qualities of both a massage oil and a massage lotion. With a massage oil, massage therapists and bodyworkers can easily slide and glide over a client’s skin and corresponding muscles. With a massage lotion, a massage therapist or bodywork can focus on specific areas of the client’s body for deeper hands-on healing.

Therefore, when one finds the right massage cream, he or she should be able to do both deep work and gliding work, without ever having to switch products.

–Brandi Schlossberg