There is little doubt the hands-on skills of a massage therapist or bodyworker can be the solid foundation of utter relaxation. It is this healthy touch that brings so many clients through the doors of massage practices and spas from coast to coast and all around the globe. As a professional practitioner of this pain- and stress-relieving touch, it is likely you’ve heard time and again simply how gifted you are when it comes to the laying on of hands.

Knowing that the touch techniques of a massage therapist or bodyworker are central to success in the world of hands-on healing is, of course, a key to success. However, once these skills have been honed to produce consistently satisfying results in a wide variety of clients, the massage therapist or bodyworker can begin to look at what he or she may be able to add to each session in order to further enhance the relaxing results.

Taking a long, hard look at the setting of your massage and bodywork sessions is a great place to start when it comes to reviewing all the little details that make an appointment at your practice truly unforgettable—in a good way. Lighting should be considered, as should the music, including the content, sound quality and volume.

Top-notch equipment should be acquired as one grows in his or her practice, or as soon as possible. This includes an incredibly comfortable massage table and linens that are so soft they invite each client to unwind before you even being the session.

Another daily component of nearly every massage and bodywork practice that simply must not be overlooked is the massage cream you choose to use. Along with the relaxation you induce during a client’s appointment, each client is going to leave with massage cream on his or her skin. Make sure it is a massage cream of the highest quality, one that not only assists you in your hands-on work but also is in line with your values and goals as a massage therapist or bodyworker.

For example, if treading lightly on the planet is an important aspect of your lifestyle and practice, then your massage cream should reflect this as well. Choose one that contains organic ingredients that were manufactured using eco-friendly processes.

If you would like to ensure your massage cream brings as many benefits to the bodywork table as possible, then look for one that is more than a massage lubricant. This could mean looking for a massage cream that comprises such an element as shea butter, so your clients leave the table not only relaxed but also luxuriously moisturized.

Other added benefits massage creams can bring are those associated with aromatherapy. It is possible to purchase massage creams that have select essential oils blended into the bottle, so you can find one to suit your practice goals, such as lavender for relaxation or rosemary for rejuvenation.

Keep in mind quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to stocking your session room, and that includes your massage cream.

—Brandi Schlossberg