By now, most people know herbs can be used for far more than fragrant and flavorful cooking. These natural treasures have long been used for healing purposes as well, in aromatherapy, soothing balms and other such remedies. Those who work in the field of massage therapy and bodywork have most likely spotted a few different herbs on the ingredient lists of various massage creams.

One of the most common plants found in all kinds of soothing and healing products is lavender. That is because lavender is well known for a scent that can soothe, relax and calm a person’s body and mind. No wonder it fits right in on the label of many high-quality massage creams, due to the fact the majority of massage therapists and bodyworkers seek to soothe, relax and calm their stressed clientele.

Along the same lines is lemon balm, which also goes by the name melissa. This natural ingredient also is reported to bring relaxing benefits, such as decreased anxiety and better sleep. If your main goal as a professional touch therapist is to assist your clients in unwinding, lemon balm in your massage cream may help reach that goal.

Another herb that brings calming benefits to the massage or bodywork table is sage, which is known to not only help alleviate anxiety, but also to help enhance mental function. In addition to these major perks, sage has been used for its anti-inflammatory properties as well. Obviously, this combination of positive traits makes sage a prime candidate for inclusion in top-notch massage creams.

The next natural ingredient may be one you are far more used to seeing steeped in a cup of tea. It is called chamomile, and when one sips this type of tea, it is typically for relaxation and assistance in falling asleep. Therefore, it is not a far stretch to imagine why manufacturers of massage cream might include chamomile in their formulas. Applied topically via a massage cream, chamomile may help calm the mind and also take care of the skin, especially if it is inflamed or irritated.

Next time you are searching for a massage cream that can enhance the effects of your hands-on session, remember to consider those massage creams that contain the above ingredients, as well as many other plant extracts. Using these completely natural elements, you can help your clients to relax and unwind even more.

You may want to find a massage cream with one such specific element, or perhaps you will search for one that has them all. Either way, your clients stand to benefit from nature’s bounty.

Get creative as you keep an eye out for the best massage creams for your loyal clients, and remember that what is on your spice rack, in your tea bag or growing in your garden may well be one of the best ingredients for a massage cream. Allow these everyday items to spur your imagination and open your eyes to appealing massage creams.

–Brandi Schlossberg