Massage therapist Exie Buehler runs a private massage practice in Farmington, Michigan, and she also works as a doula, or assistant at births. In that role as doula, she provides massage, comfort and information to laboring mothers. Buehler was profiled this week in the Farmington Hills Patch news site.

“Exie is an angel,” [new mom Laura Hake] said. “She was a fantastic support, emotionally and physically. She took away so many fears of the unknown,” reads an article in the “She let us know what was happening and why it was happening and what to expect.”

The article also quoted Buehler as saying “‘When I went into massage school in 2003, I knew I wanted to work with women and pregnant women,’ she said, adding that she received her training at Irene’s Myomassaology Institute in Southfield. Being certified as a massage doula, she said, was “a natural progression of my passion with pregnancy.'”

The March issue of MASSAGE Magazine will include a feature article that details the duties attendant with being a massage doula and the training needed to specialize in that area.

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