After my last blog post, “Massage for Eating Disorders,” some readers requested information about resources relating to massage for eating disorders and body-image issues.

I searched online, but didn’t find much. If you’re reading this now and know of training on this topic, could you let me know about that? (

In the meantime, these articles are available in the MASSAGE Magazine store (

“The Eating Disorder Epidemic: Healthy Touch Is A Key to Recovery”
Issue 111
Sept/Oct 2004

“Images of Beauty”
A project combining healthy touch and photography resulted in a celebration of life, nature and the human form – in all its glorious shapes and sizes
Issue 111
Sept/Oct 2004

Massage and the Bigger Body: How to Work with Large Clients
Issue 127
Dec. 2006

I also found this article online:
“Massage Therapy for Body Image Disturbance,” by Carol A. Niemi, R.M.T., here.

Until next time!