From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Live Fearlessly: 4 Steps to Facing Challenges—and Coming Out Ahead,” by Joe McCue, in the April 2009 issue. Article summary: With so many responsibilities pulling us in different directions, a healthy self-awareness is critical to maintaining our inner equilibrium and keeping fear at bay.

The Art of Confident Living: 10 Practices For Taking Charge of Your Life, by Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. (HCI, January 2009)

You Can If You Think You Can: Rebound From Adversity And Follow Your Dreams, by Larry P. Johnson (BookSurge Publishing, January 2009)

Dear Success Seeker: Wisdom from Outstanding Women, by Michele R. Wright (Atria, April 2009)

Awakened Mind: One-Minute Wake Up Calls to a Bold and Mindful Life, by David Kundtz (Conari Press, April 2009)

What’s Your Body Telling You? Tuning in to Your Body’s Signals to Gain Confidence, Sharpen Your Focus and Make Better Decisions, by Steve Sisgold (McGraw-Hill, July 2009)