The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education has just announced the publication of its Core Competencies for Massage Therapy Teachers, which represents the first step on the alliance’s creation of a voluntary massage-educator certification program.

This document is the first of its kind in the massage therapy field. “It describes the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for teachers to produce successful and consistent outcomes with adult learners in a variety of educational settings,” according to an alliance press release.

“These comprehensive standards apply to the work of teachers across the entire continuum of massage therapy education, from entry-level training programs to post-graduate studies,” the press release noted. “They also apply to teachers throughout the arc of their professional careers.”

The four-part process the alliance is engaged in includes:

1. Development of education standards

2. Creation of a model teacher-training curriculum

3. Identification and development of training resources

4. Launch of a voluntary certification program

“The Core Competencies will provide guidance to classroom teachers, continuing education providers, schools, national accrediting commissions, state regulatory agencies and other organizations in the massage therapy field,” the press release noted.

Read the press release here.

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