Scottsdale, Arizona – April 2, 2007 – Massage Envy passed another key milestone on April 2, when Gail and Ron Guthrie opened their clinic in the Copperfield Village shopping center in Houston, TX.  While this is the third Massage Envy that Gail and Ron have opened in the Houston area, it marks the 400th Massage Envy open nationwide.
With another 350 clinics in various stages of development awarded to franchisees across the nation, Massage Envy continues to be the leader in bringing the benefits of massage out of the elite spa environment and into the affordable realm of neighborhood shopping centers.  In just over five short years, Massage Envy has attracted over a quarter of a million members and is the nation’s largest single employer of professional licensed massage therapists with over 8,000 nationwide.
Massage Envy’s Wellness Program provides members with a myriad of benefits including a monthly massage and additional massages at reduced rates.  Why sign up for regular massage?  Proven benefits of massage include lower heart rate and blood pressure, relief from and reduction in the frequency of stress-induced headaches, and muscle relaxation.  Recent research shows that massage can aid in the treatment and recovery of depression and anxiety, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as other conditions. 
The licensed professional massage therapists at Massage Envy offer several different types of massage to choose from: swedish massage for overall body relaxation, deep tissue massage to loosen those stubborn knots that keep your muscles tied up and tense, sports massage to stretch marathon runners and weekend warriors alike, pre-natal massage for soon-to-be moms, and reflexology. Clients don’t have to choose just one type of massage for their session either—therapists can customize every massage session to fit the needs of the individual.
In addition to bringing massage out of the spa and into the local neighborhood, their operating hours make it easier than ever to find time for a little relaxation and rejuvenation.  They are open seven days a week with late evening hours to accommodate busy schedules.  With 400 clinics open nationwide, even when clients aren’t home (and sometimes when they need it most) they can enjoy the benefits of massage. 
Massage Envy’s motto, “a massage for every body,” has never been more true.  Their franchisees and licensed massage therapists alike are dedicated to bringing the benefits of massage to the masses at an affordable price during convenient hours. 
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