Joan Johnson, an expert massage therapists, has released through MindStir Media a revised 2012 edition of her acclaimed book, The Healing Art of Sports Massage. The author is well-known for providing sports-massage services to sports superstars.

The Healing Art of Sports Massage is endorsed by Frank Shorter, gold medalist in the 1972 Olympic marathon. Shorter praised the book by saying it’s “destined to become a classic. Joan’s book shows athletes of every kind how to perform at their peak and avoid injury.” Bob Anderson, bestselling author of Stretching, also approved this book, saying it’s “an excellent guide to sports massage–practical and usable.”

With the easy-to-follow massage techniques in The Healing Art of Sports Massage, recreational athletes and pros alike can rub away stiffness, one muscle at a time; improve flexibility and increase circulation; recover more quickly from a pounding workout; overcome post-exertion fatigue and soreness; and bounce back after hard efforts (and achieve higher performance).

The Healing Art of Sports Massage is available for less than $18 in paperback format via and as well as other popular online retailers worldwide.

About the author

Joan Johnson, after 25 years in sports massage, is now retired. She still helps athletes find good therapists. Her clients included world-class runners, cyclists, triathletes and other champions.